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R & W Container, LLC, is a locally owned and operated company founded in 2004 by Amber Baker and Pat Watkins. Combing Amber's extensive knowledge of solid waste management with Pat's experience and skill in truck repair and fleet maintenance, makes this a solid combination for operation in the refuse industry.

Located in Cameron, Missouri at 7400 NW Salebarn Road, R & W Container encompasses a large equipment maintenance facility, dispatch office, container yard, and transfer station (fully permitted and in complience).
R & W Container, LLC, employs five full-time drivers, four route helpers, two mechanics, and one office manager. The existing equipment in operation consistes of four side-load trucks, three rear-load trucks, three roll-off trucks, two semi-trucks, three walking-floor trailers, four compactors, seventy-five roll-off containers, and approximately two hundred rear-load dumpsters. Our list of equipment is another measure to show the ability to handle all our customers' needs.

Once waste is picked up, it is hauled back to their facility and dumped in the transfer station. Then, it is loaded onto the walking-floor trailers and hauled for disposal to either the St. Joseph Landfill or Hamm's Landfill in Perry, Kansas. Owning their own transfer station allows R & W Container the capability to transfer waste to multiple drop sites and not be locked-in to a monopolized rate from only one landfill. When rates go up, R & W has the advantage to seek out other disposal sites, which in turn keeps rates low and more competative for their customers.

R & W Container, LLC, is a full-service hauling company that takes great pride in serving customers' needs. They provide everything from one-yard dumpsters, up to forty-yard containers, MSW waste to special waste, compactor sales and leases, and service contracts. R & W can handle it all!